Aranmula Kannadi Pricing Details

Aranmula kannadi prices are decided according to many factors like

  • The size of the mirror part –  normally specified in inches and our sites are given it in cm.) . as you know the mirror part is the most precious and costly part of it. mirror sizes comes from 1/2 inches to 12 inches in size.
  • The Type of the mirror –  As you know basically three types of models available. Handmirror, Backstand, Fixed stand. normal cases the hand mirrors are smallest and backstand is more heavier and the fixed one is heaviest. even if the mirror size is same, say 3 inches, when it comes in these different models the price varies according to the type , design its weight and the art works on the frame.

So understand that, the 3 inch mirror may come for 3500 ( as of 2017) and 8500 according to the type and model of the mirror.

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