Aranmula Palliyodam

Chundan Vallam (Beaked Boat) known to the outside world as Kerala snake boats are one of the icons of Kerala culture used in the Vallamkali

Constructed according to specifications taken from the Sthapathya Veda, an ancient treatise for the building of wooden boats, these boats are anywhere from 100 to 138 ft in length. With the rear portion towering to a height of about 20 ft. and a long tapering front portion, it resembles a snake with its hood raised. Its hull is built of planks precisely 83 feet in length and six inches wide.

Here is the photo of Aranmula Palliyodam.

Nettoor petti or nettur jewel box

we – – a website dedicated for providing useful information about aranmula kannadi, is now featuring another traditional and precious handicraft of kerala.

Nettoor Petti or Nettur Jewel Box

Nettoor Petti

This time we are featuring NETTUR PETTI or NETTOOR JEWEL BOX. World famous Nettoor petti’s are exquisite jewelry boxes harks back to a vintage era.The nettoor boxes are now rated as a collector’s item, are fashioned out of rosewood (eeti) and countrywood. After the boxes are made, they are embellished with metals. The design of the ornamentation work on the exterior of the nettoor pettiis inspired by the temple architecture of Kerala.

The usual designs are adaptations of the gopurams of the temples or the chithrapootu, which is also known as manichithrathazhu. Themanichithrathazhu motif became popular after the Malayalam film by the same name ran to packed houses.

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Aranmula vallasadya preparations started

Preparations for famous Aranmula Vallasadya has been started for 2010. This time we are making sure that all the dishes are being served by the contractors. we formed a society and squad to verify it and if public has any complains, they can handover those complaints to the special squad in charge there.

So this time we hope there would be more crowd than ever before

The land of aranmula kannadi is choosen as the best district in kerala.

Which is the best district in Kerala to live (based on education, hygiene, entertainment, communication, healthcare, transportation, home amenities and kitchen facilities)? Thiruvanathapuram, Kochi, Kozhikode…surprise, surprise – it is Pathanamthitta. As per the latest survey by National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), this hilly district is the best one in Kerala. The money power of Thiruvalla and the culture of Aranmula have been put to good use, it seems.

The first 20 spots are, as expected, occupied by the major metros:
1.    Central Delhi
2.    North Delhi
3.    New Delhi
4.    Mumbai
5.    Mumbai Suburban
6.    Dimapur (Assam)
7.    Pune
8.    Chandigarh
9.    Bangalore Urban
10.    Chennai
11.    Kolkotta
12.    Pathanamthitta
13.    Aizawl (Mizoram)
14.    South Goa
15.    Fatehgard Sahib(Punjab)
16.    Patiala
17.    Ahmedabad
18.    North Goa
19.    Jalandhar
20.    South Delhi

Aranmula International airport

It is a dream for everyone in Aranmula village, as well as the entire central travancore.  If things go by as scheduled, the State will have another state-of-the-art international airport in the next five years.

The company promoted by NORKA, a consortium of non-resident Keralites, and Mount Zion Trust has already appointed KITCO as a consultant for developing the private International airport at Aranmula.

The company had acquired about 500 acres of land at Aranmula in Pathanamthitta district for developing the airport.

The proposed aranmula airport is situated very near to Aranmula parthasarthi temple and pampa river, where the traditional aranmula kannadi is being made. arrival of airport will boost the tourism in this place, and hence the traditional arts and crafts forms like Aranmula metal mirror, and vasthuvidya will get promoted in to a more wider aspect.

Visit aranmula aviation website:

New Aranmula Kannadi Model Lanuched

A new model of Aranmula kannadi launched today. This new model of aranmula metal mirror is named as AMS1013.  It is a valkannadi model with a long and artistic tail. and this model of aranmula kannadi comes with a hook , behind the mirror.

See the picture of new Aranmula Kannadi model:

Aranmula Valkannadi AMS1013

Aranmula Valkannadi AMS1013

Thiruvonathoni – sets for Sail

The famous Thiruvonathoni of Aranmula Temple is sets for sail of this Onam season.
Keeping alive one of the age-old temple traditions closely linked to the legend of Mahabali, Narayana Bhattathiri of Kattoor Illam at Kumaranallor near here, has set sail on his country boat carrying provisions, for the land of his ancestors who had the privilege of providing the Onasadya (Onam feast) to the deity at the Sri Parthasarathy Temple at Aranmula.

Traditionally it is the eldest male from Kattoor Illam privileged to take the provisions for the ceremonial Onasadya at the temple. As the senior most member of the family.The day began with the special prayers before the deity at the Kumaranallor temple. By 11.45 a.m. he was ready for the journey.

According to legend, the ancestors of Mr. Bhattathiri were ordained to carry the provisions of Onasadya, by the deity at the Aranmula temple. However, generations later, Mr. Bhattathiri’s ancestors migrated from Kattoor to Kumaranallor, but the tradition continued.

Accompanied by representatives of 18 families who offer provisions for the Onam feast at the Aranmula temple, he will change his boat and set sail on the ‘Thiruvonathoni’ on the last leg of his voyage immediately after the deeparadhana at the Sri Mahavishnu Temple at Kattoor on Tuesday, Uthradom day.

He will take the same route for his return journey and reach home on the same Churulan Vallom on which he had set out.