Aranmula Kannadi – What are the different types available?

Aranmula kannadis are basically categorized in to three different types. under each type many number of models are available according to the skill and capabilities of our artisans.

Hand Mirrors or Valkannadi’s Hand mirrors or valkannadis are the traditional aranmula kannadi models, it was the very first model of aranmula kannadi made back in 17th century.

Backstand Mirrors – back stand mirrors are the ones with a stand fixed in the back of the mirror

 Fixed stand mirror – fixed stand mirrors are the ones with a base, and these kind of mirrors are the biggest models among the aranmula mirrors.

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Aranmula Kannadi – Which size is best to buy?

Which size of aranmula kannadi is suitable for you to purchase? Many customers having this confusion, like is there any significance in the size of the aranmula mirror? actually there are no significance in the size of the mirror, other than when its big, it would be visually appealing and attractive.

But our suggestion is, if you are buying an aranmula kannadi to gift someone, like a wedding gift, or a gift to any special guest – we always suggest to buy a medium size aranmula mirror ( size from 2.5 inches to 4 inches maximum).  The reason is most of the times, the receiver of the gift may wanted to carry it along with him/her while travelling back to his/her home / home country. So gifting bigger and heavy mirrors on such situations made it difficult to carry the precious gift like aranmula kannadi.

If you are gifting / buying aranmula kannadi to show it in your house / business / hotel / resort – we always recommend you to buy the bigger ones – like the fixed stand mirrors. fixed stand mirrors are the biggest and heaviest mirrors among aranmula kannadi. since they are big and elegant everyone will look and appreciate it for sure.


Aranmula Kannadi Suppliers

Aranmula Kannadi - buy authentic and traditional aranmula kannadi
Aranmula Kannadi – buy authentic and traditional aranmula kannadi at

We are getting lot of requests for supplying aranmula kannadi – both for business and for some big functions. usually calls are coming from various places in India like Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc… and they ask does we have any shops in their cities? – and some of them even told us, they found some shops selling aranmula kannadi’s. all they wanted to know whether those shops are selling original aranmula kannadi.

To answer such questions – Aranmula kannadi is a GI patented article – means it is geographically attached and patented. So Aranmula kannadi can’t be produced anywhere other than Aranmula. also We can’t assure that the aranmula kannadis selling through shops are genuine aranmula kannadis. ( sometimes they may be buying from us and selling there – but untill we see the mirrors we can’t assure that).

The original aranmula kannadi makers and suppliers are from Aranmula – Kerala. We are the makers and suppliers of Authentic aranmula kannadi. We are making every kannadi in a very traditional process – the same Ancient process it followed centuries ago – means it is 100% hand made and 100% traditional and 100% authentic. We have an online portal for selling the aranmula kannadis we produced in Aranmula – You can see various models of kanndis there, and each of them are named with a product code starts with AMS1007, AMS2009 etc…

We are the biggest suppliers of aranmula kannadi both in India and abroad. we provides lifetime warranty and authenticity certificate for the aranmula kannadi with the signature of the artisan who made it for you. Each of our kannadi’s are strictly checked for the clarity and quality and we can say it is the best kind of kannadi you can get in this entire world.

You can reach us to our e-mail address for any orders, business enquiries etc…

our mail id –




Aranmula Kannadi in Pooja Room

Aranmula Kannadi
Aranmula Kannadi in Pooja rooms will reflect the positive energy and causes good luck, and prosperity in your home

We are getting many mails asking whether it is possible to place aranmula kannadi in pooja room? and if there is any particular measures to be taken – if we put aranmula kannadi in pooja rooms?

Yes, You can place aranmula kannadi in your pooja rooms. it will attract positive energy, good luck and property in to your home. and when you put the mirror in your pooja room, make sure that you are facing the mirror to the East direction.

Back stand aranmula kannadi and fixed stand aranmula kannadi are the ideal models for putting in pooja rooms.



Aranmula Kannadi – The Best Gift To Your High Profile Guests

Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa with Aranmula mirror
Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa with Aranmula mirror

Aranmula Kannadi ( Aranmula Mirrors ) are the perfect and unique memento that you can gift to your privileged and high profile guests. Each Aranmula Kannadi’s are custom made and unique. No other replicas would be there in the entire universe. so gift something unique to your unique guests. visit –

Aranmula Kannadi – Adding Prosperity to your family!

A Family With Aranmula Kannadi During the Occasion Of Vishu

Aranmula Kannadi is a symbol of luck and prosperity, and it is really great to see many families are keeping aranmula kannadi with them. As you know Aranmula kannadi is one of the eight auspicious items which are considered as a must have for a good family – it will bring peace, good luck and prosperity to our family, and a best procession for a lifetime.

You can see various beautiful aranmula kannadis in our online portal – For houses, Back Stand mirrors ( Kannadi’s with a backstand ) is recommended. You can keep  aranmula kannadi in your pooja room. or any other places where lots of lights / exposure to the atmosphere ( like showcase in your living room).

For more details, you can reach us


Aranmula Kannadi Exhibition Conducted in Trivandrum

Hundreds flocked to posses the Aranmula Kannadi, known to be an auspicious object that heralds prosperity. The ongoing exhibition at SMSM Institute, Trivandrum features various models of the Aranmula metal mirror at prices ranging from Rs.2,000 to Rs.70,000.

“The in-house exhibition is being organised by the Institute to promote Aranmula mirrors and to increase sales by offering a 10 percentage discount. We started the exhibition on March 8 and we have already sold a good number of pieces by now,” said K J George, Manager SMSM Institute, Trivandrum.

You can read the full report here…