Famous people with Aranmula Kannadi(Aranmula Mirror)

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Aranmula Kannadi featured in blog

Among Hindus in Kerala, there is great reverence attributed to Ashta Mangalyam (a platter of eight auspicious objects). This platter is part of the bride’s trousseau in some communities. On the day of Vishu (traditional harvest festival in April), people set eyes on this platter first before beginning a prosperous new agrarian year. While the actual symbolic objects differ by occasion, community and location, a regular on the list is a Vaal Kannadi (hand mirror) which is meant to bestow abundance and wealth on the beholder. And the most sought after mirror is a distortion-free Aranmula one.

The uniqueness of the Aranmula Kannadi (mirror) is that the reflective surface is not mercury-backed glass but metal! When you place a fingertip on a normal mirror, you see a gap between the front edge of the glass and the image on the reflective backing layer. However, in the Aranmula Mirror, this gap does not exist. In that sense, it is a true reflection.

The secret of achieving true reflective quality on metal is known only to a set of families in Aranmula, Kerala and this knowledge was inherited as legacy from their bronze-caster forefathers who moved here in the 18th century from Sankarankoil in present-day Tamizh Nadu.

Legend has it that they were required to create a resplendent crown for the local deity using bell metal. But they failed to create an alloy that would, after polishing, befit the grandeur. A widow from the community dreamt about the exact composition that would make the metal as reflective as a mirror. When it proved true, the community also began to create mirrors. The other story goes that when the bronze casters could not achieve the right alloy ratio, their wives threw in their tin jewellery into the mix out of sheer desperation. This is said to have changed the nature of the existing alloy to an unleaded copper-tin alloy, now used to create the Aranmula Mirror.

Each mirror is painstakingly made by hand and, depending on the size, could take about six months to make. The clay used for casting, the higher concentration of tin in the copper-tin alloy and the duration of heating the alloy are but some aspects in a process where purification of the metal is of great importance to get a good shine. Some secret herbs are rumoured to be added to the alloy. Even polishing the metal is said to be an elaborate process, done for a few hours a day for about 3 days.

A round mirror of 5” diameter set in an ornate brass frame costs about Rs. 8000. A major component of the cost is the labour. But the other factor is the considerable wastage in the manufacturing process as the metal plates are almost glass-like in their fragility. Traditionally, the demand for the product grew when it was included in the Ashta Mangalyam. However, owing to the price, it is now considered a precious and unique artefact.

Aranmula Mirros have now been granted GI (Geographical Indication) status and they are currently manufactured by the Parthsaradhy Handicraft Centre in Aranmula. While they have an online store (www.aranmulakannadi.com), you could simply walk into one of the Kairali Emporia (outlets of the Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd ) and see a sample there before placing your order.
(An edited version appeared in Culturama’s February 2011 Issue)

Article Coutesy: http://saritharao.blogspot.com

How to prepare Vishu Kani ( Vishukkani) ?

Vishu is a special celebration of kerala. Vishu is a festival of prosperity and joy. It is celebrating on the first day of Malayalam Month ‘Medam’. Many of our people having questions about how to arrange vishukkani. here we are describing how you can prepare and see vishukkani, for the prosperity of you and your family.
For preparing vishukkani, prepare the folloing things.

Vishukkani Materials:

– Uruli/Silver/Copper Vessel
– Golden Ornaments
– Silver/Golden/Ordinary Coins
– Fresh white clothes, if possible Mundu/Neryathu/Saree with Kasavu
– A measure of rice or paddy
– halved jack fruits
– halved coconuts
– yellow cucumber
– Statue or picture of Lord Krishna
– Oil Lamp ( Nilavilakku)
– Konnapoovu ( Cussia fistula )
Aranmula Kannadi ( Vaalkannadi )


  • try to get some fresh clothes with kasavu kara. never put used or unwashed clothes for kani.
  • in oil lamps, put 5 thiri / 3 thiri ( always put odd numbers of lights in the lamp. never put even numbers)
  • For the mirror, Aranmula Kannadi is a very auspecious item for the vishukkani. Among them, the Valkannadi is the ideal one for the vishukkani.  ( Click here to see  Aranmula Kannadi (valkannadi )for vishukkani – )

and finally it would look like:

Vishu kani arrangement

Arranging Vishukkani

Prepare the vessel/Uruli, and arrange the things. put the vegitables and rices first, keep the clothes and ornaments on the sides, and keep the mirror, ideally Aranmula Kannadi so that you can see your face on the mirrror, while you see the vishukkani. behind the kani, put a garlanded deity of Lord Krishna by keeping standing oil lampsbefore the deity.
Preparations of Kani should be done a night before by the lady of the house. Master of the house is the first person to Kani and then the other family members follow. Children should be brought blind folded from their rooms to see vishuKani, the first thing in the morning. Vishu Kani is later distributed amongst the poor and needy people. Reason behind this ritual is the strong belief of the people that the fortune of the rest of the year depends on the first object they see on the Vishu day. There is also a tradition to give small amounts of cash to children of the family.ideally some currency with a coin. Vishukkaineettam  ensure prosperity for everyone who get it.

Vishu sadya needs to be prepared for the lunch with Payasam. After the lunch, the vishukkani can be taken back, or the materials like vegitables can be given to others. If possible visit any of the temples on the same day.

Aranmula Village

Aranmula – This small village is worldfamous for its metal mirrors with no refraction, the ‘Aranmula Kannadi’ ( kannadi means mirror in Malayalam). The technology for this is not used anywhere else in the world. Since the spectacular snakeboat races starting from midSeptember that is a particularly good time to visit Aranmula.

Those of you who are artistically inclined should check out the fine 18th century murals in Parthasarathi temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, on the banks of the river Pampa.

You could also stop by at the Vijnana Kalavedi, centre for training in traditional art forms and the Vastuvidya Gurukulam, a centre for consultancy and training in traditional architecture.
Getting there
Nearest railway station: Chengannur, which is about 10 km away.

Nearest airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, about 115 km away


Aranmula Kannadi or arammula kannadi ? – The first one – ARANMULA KANNADI  is correct, because it spells like Aranmula, means six bamboos.

there is a history behind this name – It belives that Lord parthasarthy came to the place by the Pampa river in a boat which is made up of six bamboos. Aaru means six in Malayalam Language, Mula means Bamboo in Malayalam. So aranmula means six bamboos.

So Hope that there wont be anymore confusion in how to pronounce the name Aranmula. Many people pronounce it like Aranmula, aaranmula, aarammula, arinmula etc..

Aranmula Kannadi Online

Now Aranmula Kannadi is available online. The main advantages of buying it online are:

1. You can see all the available models and specifications

2. You will get time to compare them and choose the one you liked a lot

3. You will get it in your doorstep.

4. Making payments are easy and even you can do it online

5. You can see the reviews about every kannadi and decide

6. You can order in advance

7. You can even make your own designs

8. You will get enough time to talk to the seller, and inform them your requirements

How the price of aranmula kannadi is determined?

How the price of aranmula kannadi determined? this is what everyone asking. Sometimes you may find a smaller sized mirror having more price than similar or a little bigger aranmula kannadi.

The price of aranmula kannadi is determined by many factors.

1. The diameter of the mirror

As you know the aranmula kannadi’s mirror part is made up of special metals. that is not glass. making of the metal mirror part is very complex and may need lots of days to complete in to mirror like finish. so the size of the metal mirror part having a major role in the price of the aranmula kannadi. the diameter of the mirror and the prices are propotional. an average price is Rs.1000/inch.

2. Shape of the mirror

Shape of the mirror is also having some role in deciding the prices.  like, the ‘Gopi’ kannadi – the shape of the water drop mirrors are costly, even if its diameter is less. because the drop shape mirrors needs more mirror part, as its total length and the rest of the mirror parts cannot be utilized. So such mirrors would be costlier than their other counterparts.

3. Frame of the mirror

Frames of each mirrors is different. some frames need very complex works in them. so such frames would be costly.

Altogether these factors will decide the price of an aranmula kannadi. so next time when you see an aranmula kannadi, please notice all these facts.

Aranmula kannadi keeps evil eyes away!

Do you really know that the Aranmula kannadi – The symbol of power, wealth and prosperity can keep all kinds of evil eyes away.  Many of our customers were telling that, keeping an aranmula kannadi at home will help you to keep all kind of the evil eyes away and welcomes the wealth and prosperity to the home.

Business owners are also using it in their shops to attract more money in to their business. it also keep away evil eyes in business also.

For the purpose of keeping the evil eyes away, the aranmula mirror models with ROUND MIRRORS are using. It is very powerful to protect you from all kind of evil spirits and powers which can harm both of you personally and in your business or profession.

So next time, when you need to keep away the bad effects of evil eyes in your business or in your personal and family life, Get an Aranmula kannadi. and welcome goodness wealth and prosperity in to your life.