Aranmula Kannadi Writeup

This is the typical write up of the aranmula kanandi.

Aranmula kannadi is a handmade metal-alloy mirror, made in Aranmula, a village in the state of Kerala, India. Unlike the normal ‘silvered’ glass mirrors, being a metal-alloy mirror, it is a front surface reflection mirror, which eliminates secondary reflections, refractions and aberrations typical of back surface mirrors. The exact metals used in the alloy is maintained as a family secret. An Aranmula mirror takes many days to make, and then is polished laboriously by hand for several days to achieve its reflective surface. Aranmula Mirror considered one among the eight auspicious items or “Ashtamangalyam” that make up a Kerala bride’s trousseau.

These unique metal mirrors are the result of Kerala’s rich cultural and metallurgical traditions, and have great historical and cultural value and are even considered to bring good luck. Produced by a single extended family in Aranmula, the origins of the Aranmula kannadi are linked with the Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple. Legend has it that eight families of experts in temple arts and crafts were brought by the royal chief to Aranmula from Tirunelveli district to work in the Parthasarathy temple centuries ago on the mirrors.

The British Museum in London has a 45 centimeter tall Aranmula metal mirror in its collection. The mirrors have received a Geographical Indication (GI) tag in 2004-05.


An Aranmula Mirror is auspicious and is the pride and prestige of Kerala. You can place the Aranmula Mirror in your Worship room or Hall showcase. If you are placing it where there may be smoke, like the Pooja room, then please enclose in plastic or glass to ensure reflection of the mirror.


Please allow 2 weeks to make the Mirror of your specifications, in case it is not readily available. Aranmula Mirror is packed in a hard colour box which itself looks gift wrapped.


All Aranmula Mirrors come with a small cloth pouch with Red Oxide powder. If you touch the mirror with your finger, or it comes in contact with heat, dust or moisture, use the cloth pouch to rub the mirror surface in vertical direction, till is regains shine.

To see the aranmula kannadi models visit – 

Aranmula Kannadi Phone Number & Contact Details

Many people are looking for Aranmula Kannadi contact details and Phone numbers for enqiuring about Aranmula Kannadi. so here we are publishing the contact details.

Phone Numbers –(+91) 9995012551 or 9846087121
e-mail –
WhatsApp – 9995012551

If we are not reachable in our phones, you can mail us or drop us a message, we will call you back soon.

Aranmula Kannadi Brochure and Models

AranmulaKannadi_BrochureMany people are asking for brochure of aranmula kannadi.  As you know in old days, we used to print a paper brochure with models. but now a days everything is going digital, and online, we are also moving in that direction. so now we don’t have any paper brochure for publishing the models, rather we publish our brochure online, that itself is our online website –

And now what we are keeping as brochure is a small booklet which explains the speciality and uniqueness of aranmula kannadi. we include that brochure along with all the mirrors we are selling, so when you buy an aranmula kannadi you will get that small booklet / brochure.

The small brochure that comes along with the aranmula kannadi doesn’t contain any other aranmula kannadi model details or prices, for viewing the aranmula kannadi models, and the latest price, please visit 


Aranmula Kannadi as a Gift for Corporate Clients, Guests and Deligates

Aranmula Kannadi is a very unique and precious thing. For the same reason many high profile and reputed companies are giving it as a gift to their corporate clients.

Aranmula Kannadi as a corporate gift for clients

Aranmula Kannadi as a corporate gift for clients. Company Logo can be attached in the frame of aranmula kannadi. ( For models visit – )

We have many IT companies and exporting companies as our clientèle, big builders, hospital chains, many govt departments like ministry of foreign affairs, tourism department, high profile event management companies, tour operators etc are using  aranmula kannadi as a gift for their valuable clients & customers.

The main attractions for why aranmula kannadi can be an ideal and most precious and memorable gift to your high value and important clients

Aranmula kannadi is unique – its custom made and 100% handmade – so every aranmula kannadi is unique and there wont be any copy of that kannadi in this entire world.

Nobody can make or replicate aranmula kannadi in this entire world. its metal mirror secret combination is only known to a single family branch in aranmula village. it is protected with GI patent tags.

Every aranmula kannadi is 100% hand made, made with extra care and custom made thing. – Like custom made luxuries like rolls royce car, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Globetrotter for lifestyle products etc…

See an example for aranmula kannadi as a corporate gift. To attach the company logo – We wont recommend any alteration in the mirror as such – since it may spoil the genuineness of the mirror. instead we suggest the companies can print metallic stickers separately and then stick on the frame of the mirror.

Again, as you know aranmula kannadi is custom made – human effort, skills and care is needed thorough the entire mirror making process. so it is almost impossible to produce bulk quantities in a short notice of time. so we request the corporates/companies to give us order well in advance ( at least one month of time required to produce 100 Nos of Mirror).

For any questions / requirements please mail us – or visit for the models and availability.



Aranmulakannadi as a precious prize for international painting competetion

aranmula kannadi

Aranmula kannadi is world famous and very unique. and because of that reason, its been gifted as  many precious and prestigious awards. To the infinite number of such list, a new one is added – The Clint Memorial International Painting contest organised by the Department of Kerala Tourism

Anujath is a student of class 4 in Devamatha CMS Public School, Trissur, won the first prize in an international painting competition. The Clint Memorial International Painting contest organised by the Department of Kerala Tourism had participants from almost 40 countries and had more than 5000 submissions.

Anujath’s painting was studded with images of village teashop, the fish vendor, the cooking gas delivery man, the housewife, a bus crossing a river, theyyam and much more – all arranged in a kaleidoscope of a landscape neatly cut across by a blue river.

Aranmula Kannadi Cleaning Method & Tips

How to clean your aranmula kannadi? – How frequently you need to clean it? here are some tips…

The mirror should be cleaned once in a month, firstly remove the dust on its surface with smooth cloth, Otherwise dust particles or the fungus deposited on the surface of the mirror will result in oxidation and cause damage to the mirror. Sometimes a yellowish colouring is seen on the frame, which can be cleaned off by rubbing with Brasso. .

Cleaning the brass frame:

The Frame of aranmula kannadi is made up of brass. so when we expose it in to atmosphere for a long time, dust or other dirt may get on the mirror frame. for cleaning the mirror frame, Take a piece of smooth cotton cloth, fold it twice and put drops of brasso ( Brasso is a liquid solution which can get in most of the metal/paint shops) on the cloth and rub it with the other part of the cloth. If any change is seen on the frame by rubbing with brasso,then clean it with a piece of smooth cotton cloth.

Cleaning the mirror part:

 Alert: NEVER use any oil or corrosive cleaning agents in the mirror part.

If some one by mistake touches the mirror, their finger prints can be seen on mirror surface. this can be cleaned off, only if you rub it with cotton /velvet cloth smoothly on the surface of the mirror within 5 minutes in vertical direction and if it is not properly cleaned, then sprinkle a bit Brass cleaner available in the market like “Dhara Cleaner ” on velvet cloth or mirror cleaning cloth ,Fold the Cloth to 3 layers, Cleaning Drops should be upper layer and Clean with Bottom layer on aranmul kannadi and hold it in a slanting position allowing the dust and other particles rubbed off from the reflective surface-font.

Here we illustrate how to rub the mirror part – for cleaning the aranmula kannadi.



It is always better to keep aranmula kannadi in a place with air circulation, and exposed to the atmosphere – means aranmula kannadi should not keep in any box or a closed contained for a long time. also avoid placing the kannadi nearby the wet / humid / places with extreme temperature etc… 

Smallest Aranmula Kannadi


Aranmula Kannadi comes in different size and shapes. But did you ever seen the smallest Aranmula Kannadi ever made? this is a very rare piece of aranmula kannadi, and its the minature of fixed stand mirror ( Peeda Kannadi).

Such mirrors are not available normally, other than with special request. After seeing this, people are appreciating the special skill and patience of artisan for making such a wonderful creation.


Aranmula Kannadi Small

Aranmula Kannadi – What are the different types available?

Aranmula kannadis are basically categorized in to three different types. under each type many number of models are available according to the skill and capabilities of our artisans.

Hand Mirrors or Valkannadi’s Hand mirrors or valkannadis are the traditional aranmula kannadi models, it was the very first model of aranmula kannadi made back in 17th century.

Backstand Mirrors – back stand mirrors are the ones with a stand fixed in the back of the mirror

 Fixed stand mirror – fixed stand mirrors are the ones with a base, and these kind of mirrors are the biggest models among the aranmula mirrors.

You can click the below buttons to go to each category of aranmula kannadis


Aranmula Kannadi – Which size is best to buy?

Which size of aranmula kannadi is suitable for you to purchase? Many customers having this confusion, like is there any significance in the size of the aranmula mirror? actually there are no significance in the size of the mirror, other than when its big, it would be visually appealing and attractive.

But our suggestion is, if you are buying an aranmula kannadi to gift someone, like a wedding gift, or a gift to any special guest – we always suggest to buy a medium size aranmula mirror ( size from 2.5 inches to 4 inches maximum).  The reason is most of the times, the receiver of the gift may wanted to carry it along with him/her while travelling back to his/her home / home country. So gifting bigger and heavy mirrors on such situations made it difficult to carry the precious gift like aranmula kannadi.

If you are gifting / buying aranmula kannadi to show it in your house / business / hotel / resort – we always recommend you to buy the bigger ones – like the fixed stand mirrors. fixed stand mirrors are the biggest and heaviest mirrors among aranmula kannadi. since they are big and elegant everyone will look and appreciate it for sure.