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How to make payment?

You can make payments in a variety of ways.

Direct Deposit in Bank Account: If you have a  ICICI/SBI/SBT account, you can transfer the money to our bank account. Now every banks having the instant online money transfer facility.  If you have online banking account you can transfer money by yourself, else go to your nearest ICICI/SBI/SBT branch and ask the bank employee to transfer the amount. They will help you.

Western Union : You can send the payment through the western union money transfer. Its the easiest way to send money because number of western union centres available everywhere in India and Abroad.

Paypal / Credit Card Payment : We will accept Paypal or credit card payments also. If you have a paypal account, you can transfer the money to us very easily.

Cheque/Draft/Money Order : We are accepting conventional cheque, draft and money orders too.

Please mention your choice for the payment in the mail/call. we will guide you through the payment procedures and help you to buy the  Aranmula Kannadi.

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