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Aranmula Kannadi Cleaning Method & Tips

How to clean your aranmula kannadi? – How frequently you need to clean it? here are some tips…

The mirror should be cleaned once in a month, firstly remove the dust on its surface with smooth cloth, Otherwise dust particles or the fungus deposited on the surface of the mirror will result in oxidation and cause damage to the mirror. Sometimes a yellowish colouring is seen on the frame, which can be cleaned off by rubbing with Brasso. .

Cleaning the brass frame:

The Frame of aranmula kannadi is made up of brass. so when we expose it in to atmosphere for a long time, dust or other dirt may get on the mirror frame. for cleaning the mirror frame, Take a piece of smooth cotton cloth, fold it twice and put drops of brasso ( Brasso is a liquid solution which can get in most of the metal/paint shops) on the cloth and rub it with the other part of the cloth. If any change is seen on the frame by rubbing with brasso,then clean it with a piece of smooth cotton cloth.

Cleaning the mirror part:

 Alert: NEVER use any oil or corrosive cleaning agents in the mirror part.

If some one by mistake touches the mirror, their finger prints can be seen on mirror surface. this can be cleaned off, only if you rub it with cotton /velvet cloth smoothly on the surface of the mirror within 5 minutes in vertical direction and if it is not properly cleaned, then sprinkle a bit Brass cleaner available in the market like “Dhara Cleaner ” on velvet cloth or mirror cleaning cloth ,Fold the Cloth to 3 layers, Cleaning Drops should be upper layer and Clean with Bottom layer on aranmul kannadi and hold it in a slanting position allowing the dust and other particles rubbed off from the reflective surface-font.

Here we illustrate how to rub the mirror part – for cleaning the aranmula kannadi.



It is always better to keep aranmula kannadi in a place with air circulation, and exposed to the atmosphere – means aranmula kannadi should not keep in any box or a closed contained for a long time. also avoid placing the kannadi nearby the wet / humid / places with extreme temperature etc…