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Aranmula Kannadi Mela in Trivandrum – The Hindu Report

The wonder mirror without glass – the Aranmula Kannadi has been a long-standing reflection of the State’s rich metallurgical traditions.

The takers for this fascinating mirror have only been increasing each year. However, artisans willing to carry on this unique craftsmanship are on the decline.

In an effort to popularise this tradition, an exhibition of Aranmula mirrors is being held at the SMSM Institute in the city. “The exhibition is a way to promote the artisans and encourage their efforts,” said K.J. George, an official at the institute.

The mirrors displayed come in various shapes and sizes. The frames are shaped in the form of swans, sun, conch, and lotus and the traditional ‘valkannadi’. Hand-held mirrors, mirrors on stands, and those for decorating walls are available.

This hand-made metal-alloy mirror is said to be an alloy of copper and tin, which is polished for several days to get the end product. The price for the mirrors ranges from Rs.1,600 to Rs.55,000. Theshow will end on March 31.

Report in The Hindu