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Aranmula Kannadi Suppliers

Aranmula Kannadi - buy authentic and traditional aranmula kannadi
Aranmula Kannadi – buy authentic and traditional aranmula kannadi at

We are getting lot of requests for supplying aranmula kannadi – both for business and for some big functions. usually calls are coming from various places in India like Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc… and they ask does we have any shops in their cities? – and some of them even told us, they found some shops selling aranmula kannadi’s. all they wanted to know whether those shops are selling original aranmula kannadi.

To answer such questions – Aranmula kannadi is a GI patented article – means it is geographically attached and patented. So Aranmula kannadi can’t be produced anywhere other than Aranmula. also We can’t assure that the aranmula kannadis selling through shops are genuine aranmula kannadis. ( sometimes they may be buying from us and selling there – but untill we see the mirrors we can’t assure that).

The original aranmula kannadi makers and suppliers are from Aranmula – Kerala. We are the makers and suppliers of Authentic aranmula kannadi. We are making every kannadi in a very traditional process – the same Ancient process it followed centuries ago – means it is 100% hand made and 100% traditional and 100% authentic. We have an online portal for selling the aranmula kannadis we produced in Aranmula – You can see various models of kanndis there, and each of them are named with a product code starts with AMS1007, AMS2009 etc…

We are the biggest suppliers of aranmula kannadi both in India and abroad. we provides lifetime warranty and authenticity certificate for the aranmula kannadi with the signature of the artisan who made it for you. Each of our kannadi’s are strictly checked for the clarity and quality and we can say it is the best kind of kannadi you can get in this entire world.

You can reach us to our e-mail address for any orders, business enquiries etc…

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