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Aranmula Kannadi – Which size is best to buy?

Which size of aranmula kannadi is suitable for you to purchase? Many customers having this confusion, like is there any significance in the size of the aranmula mirror? actually there are no significance in the size of the mirror, other than when its big, it would be visually appealing and attractive.

But our suggestion is, if you are buying an aranmula kannadi to gift someone, like a wedding gift, or a gift to any special guest – we always suggest to buy a medium size aranmula mirror ( size from 2.5 inches to 4 inches maximum).  The reason is most of the times, the receiver of the gift may wanted to carry it along with him/her while travelling back to his/her home / home country. So gifting bigger and heavy mirrors on such situations made it difficult to carry the precious gift like aranmula kannadi.

If you are gifting / buying aranmula kannadi to show it in your house / business / hotel / resort – we always recommend you to buy the bigger ones – like the fixed stand mirrors. fixed stand mirrors are the biggest and heaviest mirrors among aranmula kannadi. since they are big and elegant everyone will look and appreciate it for sure.