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Nettoor petti or nettur jewel box

we – – a website dedicated for providing useful information about aranmula kannadi, is now featuring another traditional and precious handicraft of kerala.

Nettoor Petti or Nettur Jewel Box
Nettoor Petti

This time we are featuring NETTUR PETTI or NETTOOR JEWEL BOX. World famous Nettoor petti’s are exquisite jewelry boxes harks back to a vintage era.The nettoor boxes are now rated as a collector’s item, are fashioned out of rosewood (eeti) and countrywood. After the boxes are made, they are embellished with metals. The design of the ornamentation work on the exterior of the nettoor pettiis inspired by the temple architecture of Kerala.

The usual designs are adaptations of the gopurams of the temples or the chithrapootu, which is also known as manichithrathazhu. Themanichithrathazhu motif became popular after the Malayalam film by the same name ran to packed houses.

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