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What is the Lifetime of Aranmula Kannadi ?

aranmula kannadi valkannadi

When you buy something, if we say bit more precisely – If you are buying something which is special, for the special people you may be asking this question – How durable it is? basically we won’t go for something which is having a short lifespan – especially it is expensive.

The same question is there in mind of most of our customers. they are spending big in buying the unique aranmula kannadi. so here we are revealing that secret. The lifespan of aranmula kannadi.

The average lifespan of Aranmula kannadi is 1,000 years!! YES!! what you’ve heard is right – ONE THOUSAND YEARS, or more. because all the parts of aranmula kannadi is pure metal, which won’t damage or decay over time ( if you maintain properly).

Means, once you buy an aranmula kannadi, it is an investment for generations. that is why we call Aranmula Kannadi as a Gift for generations.

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