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Aranmula Kannadi Brochure and Models

AranmulaKannadi_BrochureMany people are asking for brochure of aranmula kannadi.  As you know in old days, we used to print a paper brochure with models. but now a days everything is going digital, and online, we are also moving in that direction. so now we don’t have any paper brochure for publishing the models, rather we publish our brochure online, that itself is our online website –

And now what we are keeping as brochure is a small booklet which explains the speciality and uniqueness of aranmula kannadi. we include that brochure along with all the mirrors we are selling, so when you buy an aranmula kannadi you will get that small booklet / brochure.

The small brochure that comes along with the aranmula kannadi doesn’t contain any other aranmula kannadi model details or prices, for viewing the aranmula kannadi models, and the latest price, please visit