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Why we are not giving red oxide powder with aranmula kannadi anymore?

If you bought Aranmula kannadi earlier, you may noticed that, there were a small pouch of special cleaning powder along with your aranmula kannadi. A red colored powder, the red oxide powder to clean the aranmula kanandi.

Red oxide powder was using as a cleaning agent in earlier days. but if you buy aranmula kannadi now a days, you can see that we are not included the red oxide kit along with the mirror. WHY? there are reasons

  1. Better alternatives are there – To clean the aranmula kannadi, now a days there are better alternatives are there than red oxide powder. we recommend brass liquid cleaning agents like brasso, Dara etc, which you can easily buy from any shops or even online. liquid cleaning agents are very efficient and since it is liquid you can apply a little and clean properly.
  2. Red oxide are not pure, lot of impurities in it – The red oxide powder we are getting from the market are not pure as earlier, lof of impurities like small glass like particles there, so polishing with them will leave scratches on the surface of mirror and frame.
  3. Red oxide will leave a red color shade – excess use of red oxide will leave the red color on the surface – which wont look good
  4. Transportation problems – Most of our customers are taking the aranmula kannadi along with them abroad. while transit the customs department may ask you about the powder substance in the kit, since any powder or chemical looks very suspecious during your air travel. thus to avoid that inconveniences we are no more included the red oxide kit along with the kannadi.

As we said, red oxide powder kit is no longer giving along with the aranmula kannadi. instead you can use any brass metal cleaning liquid which is very good and efficient for cleaning the aranmula kannadi.