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Metal mirror from kerala,INDIA!

Which is the best and ethnic metal mirror available in India? This is a very interesting question. Metal mirrors were used from the ages of great sindhu river valley culture. it was found that they started using the metal mirror form the earlies of 14th century.

The Aranmula Metal mirror is the ancient metal mirror, which was used since the golden ages of 14th century. The history of the aranmula metal mirror contains many myths and stories. One among them is very famous, and popular. The king bought some artisans to build the temple, but they were not able to finish the work on time. The kind sentenced all of them. to please the king the artisans tried many things, and nothing were fruitful. During the previous night of their sentence, the goddess appeared in their dream, and she revealed this unique metal mirror and the construction of this. – the secret metal combination of aranmula metal mirror.

The artisans made such a mirror and presented to the King, and the king became very happy to see this unique art form that nobody was seen so far.

This is the story of the unique metal mirror from India.