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How to prepare Vishu Kani ( Vishukkani) ?

Vishu is a special celebration of kerala. Vishu is a festival of prosperity and joy. It is celebrating on the first day of Malayalam Month ‘Medam’. Many of our people having questions about how to arrange vishukkani. here we are describing how you can prepare and see vishukkani, for the prosperity of you and your family.
For preparing vishukkani, prepare the following things.

Vishukkani Materials:

Aranmula Kannadi 

– Uruli/Silver/Copper Vessel
– Golden Ornaments
– Silver/Golden/Ordinary Coins
– Fresh white clothes, if possible Mundu/Neryathu/Saree with Kasavu
– A measure of rice or paddy
– halved jack fruits
– halved coconuts
– yellow cucumber
– Statue or picture of Lord Krishna
– Oil Lamp ( Nilavilakku)
– Konnapoovu ( Cussia fistula )


  • try to get some fresh clothes with kasavu kara. never put used or unwashed clothes for kani.
  • in oil lamps, put 5 thiri / 3 thiri ( always put odd numbers of lights in the lamp. never put even numbers)
  • For the mirror, Aranmula Kannadi is a very auspecious item for the vishukkani. Among them, the Valkannadi is the ideal one for the vishukkani.  ( Click here to see  Aranmula Kannadi  for vishukkani – )


and finally it would look like:

vishukani mohanlal


Arranging Vishukkani

Prepare the vessel/Uruli, and arrange the things. put the vegitables and rices first, keep the clothes and ornaments on the sides, and keep the mirror, ideally Aranmula Kannadi so that you can see your face on the mirrror, while you see the vishukkani. behind the kani, put a garlanded deity of Lord Krishna by keeping standing oil lampsbefore the deity.

Preparations of Kani should be done a night before by the lady of the house. Master of the house is the first person to Kani and then the other family members follow. Children should be brought blind folded from their rooms to see vishuKani, the first thing in the morning. Vishu Kani is later distributed amongst the poor and needy people. Reason behind this ritual is the strong belief of the people that the fortune of the rest of the year depends on the first object they see on the Vishu day. There is also a tradition to give small amounts of cash to children of the family.ideally some currency with a coin. Vishukkaineettam  ensure prosperity for everyone who get it.

Vishu sadya needs to be prepared for the lunch with Payasam. After the lunch, the vishukkani can be taken back, or the materials like vegitables can be given to others. If possible visit any of the temples on the same day.