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Aranmula Vallasadya

Aranmula vallasadya is usually served to the oarsmen of snake boats in a ceremonious ritual at the Sree Parthasarathy Temple at Aranmula.The world famous sadya contains about 56 delicious dishes including 4-5 variety of ‘Payasam’.

The custom of this unique ritual is that devotees who offer Vallasadya to the presiding deity have to serve the feast to the crew of the Palliyodams, which are the snake boats belonging to the presiding deity. Feast served to the crew is considered to be an offering to the Lord himself.

According to my calculations more than 40,000 peoples were participated in the vallasadya during the last year.

Various dishes are served in the background of songs sung to the tune of ‘Kuchelavritham Vanchipattu’. And through a song a team of singers will announce the dishes required for the people . “Kudineeru Kodukkenam Madikoodathe hoyi…Gajapada Valipathil Pappadam Venam hoyi…” these are the songs for serving drinking water and ‘pappadam’.