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Best Aranmula Kannadi Models For Vishu

As you know, Aranmula kannadi is the one which is using for vishu kani. Some people are using ordinary mirror, may be aranmula kannadi is not with them, but if possible use the aranmula kannadi itself for your vishu kani preparations.

Among aranmula kannadis, a special type of design is being used. it’s called the Valkannadis – valkannadi means the mirror with a handle ( vaal). any valkannadi is ideal for vishukani.

The mirror when seen on the morning of Vishu signifies the goddess, and also the reflection of the things in front of the mirror shows that these would be multiplied by Her Grace. Usually Vishukkani is kept in one’s Pooja room just the night before the Vishu by elders, once the children and youngsters go to sleep.

Here are the few aranmula kannadi models, ideal for preparing your vishnukani.