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How the price of aranmula kannadi is determined?

How the price of aranmula kannadi determined? this is what everyone asking. Sometimes you may find a smaller sized mirror having more price than similar or a little bigger aranmula kannadi.

The price of aranmula kannadi is determined by many factors.

1. The diameter of the mirror

As you know the aranmula kannadi’s mirror part is made up of special metals. that is not glass. making of the metal mirror part is very complex and may need lots of days to complete in to mirror like finish. so the size of the metal mirror part having a major role in the price of the aranmula kannadi. the diameter of the mirror and the prices are propotional. an average price is Rs.1000/inch.

2. Shape of the mirror

Shape of the mirror is also having some role in deciding the prices.  like, the ‘Gopi’ kannadi – the shape of the water drop mirrors are costly, even if its diameter is less. because the drop shape mirrors needs more mirror part, as its total length and the rest of the mirror parts cannot be utilized. So such mirrors would be costlier than their other counterparts.

3. Frame of the mirror

Frames of each mirrors is different. some frames need very complex works in them. so such frames would be costly.

Altogether these factors will decide the price of an aranmula kannadi. so next time when you see an aranmula kannadi, please notice all these facts.