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original aranmula kannadi

We are getting hundreds of enquiries about the original aranmula kannadi, and how to find the duplicates. here we are publishing the questions and answers for that.

What is an original aranmula kannadi. is there any duplicates available in market?

Yes, there are original and duplicate aranmula kannadis in market.

What is an original aranmula kannadi, and what is the duplicate aranmula kannadi?

The original aranmula kannadi is made up of metal ( especially the mirror part ) and the making of aranmula kannadi is done in Aranmula village by the traditional way.

Duplicate aranmula kannadi is made up of mercury glasses and not made in Aranmula. they are making it in some other places, and the frame mirror and everything is just imitation.

How can I find an aranmula kannadi is original ?

Many ways to do that. The very important thing is from where you buy it . you can buy aranmula kannadi from the trusted makers ( like ) or our shop in aranmula.

Don’t buy aranmula kannadi from unknown people or sources or places.

You can conduct a test in aranmula kannadi. just touch the mirror with one of your finger and watch the reflected image. if there is not any gap between the finger and reflected image, the mirror is original. else it is not.

From where i can get the original and traditional Aranmula Kannadi?

You can buy original aranmula kannadi from the aranmula kannadi  online shops like  they also provide the certificate of authenticity with that.

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