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Hologram in Aranmula Kannadi

Hologram in aranmula kannadi

In a recent movement to protect the genuinity of aranmula kannadi, the vishwabrahmana sabha society instructed the authentic manufacturers to put a hologram to prove its authentiticy. so the authentic mirrors will comes with a hologram on the backside of the aranmula kannadi.

All authentic aranmula kannadi which is selling from 2016 comes with a hologram. the older mirrors you bought before 2015 mid may not contain a hologram since this is a new decision took towards the end of 2015.

All the aranmula kanandi we are selling from now onwards will comes with a hologram. for any further details, send a mail to us



Aranmula Kannadi Sellers & Dealers

We used to get many calls asking for the dealer information in various places like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and other places in India.  Because customers wanted to purchase aranmula mirrors very quick. so they wanted to know where they can find a genuine aranmula kannadi dealer in their city.

But unfortunately, we can’t say whether the dealer in your city is selling genuine aranmula kanandi or not. because we don’t have any authorized direct dealers now. We came to know that there are many aranmula kannadi replicas are selling by some dealers in many places. even we heard that some people are making aranmula kannadi replicas by their own and selling it in shops. they are taking advantage of the ignorance of the buyer. because Aranmula kannadi / aranmula metal mirror is a GI Patented product, so that it can be only produced in Aranmula – A small village in south kerala. Also nobody in the world other than a group of artisan families in aranmula knows the secret of making this unique metal mirror.

So we always request our esteemed buyers to purchase your aranmula kannadi directly from us. we are shipping the mirror anywhere in India. Shipping is FREE across India. Make sure that you are getting authentic, original and traditional aranmula kannadi. Never get cheated by the replicas and fake products in market.

To buy original and traditional aranmula kanandi – visit 

If you have any questions / doubts about aranmula kanandi feel free to write to us –



original aranmula kannadi

We are getting hundreds of enquiries about the original aranmula kannadi, and how to find the duplicates. here we are publishing the questions and answers for that.

What is an original aranmula kannadi. is there any duplicates available in market?

Yes, there are original and duplicate aranmula kannadis in market.

What is an original aranmula kannadi, and what is the duplicate aranmula kannadi?

The original aranmula kannadi is made up of metal ( especially the mirror part ) and the making of aranmula kannadi is done in Aranmula village by the traditional way.

Duplicate aranmula kannadi is made up of mercury glasses and not made in Aranmula. they are making it in some other places, and the frame mirror and everything is just imitation.

How can I find an aranmula kannadi is original ?

Many ways to do that. The very important thing is from where you buy it . you can buy aranmula kannadi from the trusted makers ( like ) or our shop in aranmula.

Don’t buy aranmula kannadi from unknown people or sources or places.

You can conduct a test in aranmula kannadi. just touch the mirror with one of your finger and watch the reflected image. if there is not any gap between the finger and reflected image, the mirror is original. else it is not.

From where i can get the original and traditional Aranmula Kannadi?

You can buy original aranmula kannadi from the aranmula kannadi  online shops like  they also provide the certificate of authenticity with that.

You can mail us your questions and doubts to