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Aranmula Kannadi or arammula kannadi ? – The first one – ARANMULA KANNADI  is correct, because it spells like Aranmula, means six bamboos.

there is a history behind this name – It belives that Lord parthasarthy came to the place by the Pampa river in a boat which is made up of six bamboos. Aaru means six in Malayalam Language, Mula means Bamboo in Malayalam. So aranmula means six bamboos.

So Hope that there wont be anymore confusion in how to pronounce the name Aranmula. Many people pronounce it like Aranmula, aaranmula, aarammula, arinmula etc..

Aranmula kannadi keeps evil eyes away!

Do you really know that the Aranmula kannadi – The symbol of power, wealth and prosperity can keep all kinds of evil eyes away.  Many of our customers were telling that, keeping an aranmula kannadi at home will help you to keep all kind of the evil eyes away and welcomes the wealth and prosperity to the home.

Business owners are also using it in their shops to attract more money in to their business. it also keep away evil eyes in business also.

For the purpose of keeping the evil eyes away, the aranmula mirror models with ROUND MIRRORS are using. It is very powerful to protect you from all kind of evil spirits and powers which can harm both of you personally and in your business or profession.

So next time, when you need to keep away the bad effects of evil eyes in your business or in your personal and family life, Get an Aranmula kannadi. and welcome goodness wealth and prosperity in to your life.