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Lowest prices for aranmula kannadi

Many people asking the same question – Why aranmula kannadi is this much costly? since we are getting much bigger ordinary mirrors for this cost?

The answer is you should know the very basic difference between aranmula kannadi and an ordinary mirror. ordinary mirror is made up of mercury platted glass, and aranmula kannadi is a metal, which reflects the light like a mirror, with more clarity than an ordinary mirror.

The method of making aranmula kannadi is very traditional and 100% manual. there is no machines involved in the making process. the human effort for making an aranmula kannadi is huge.It will take 2-3 days to finish a small 2.5 inch aranmula kannadi. the labour cost itself will comes more than Rs.1500. and the material cost will be upto 1000 Rs. this is how the aranmula kannadi is costlier than any other mirrors.

Many people claims that they can give very cheap aranmula kannadi. NEVER EVER BELIVE TAHT! Nobody in this earth can sell an original and traditional aranmula kannadi in cheap price. if somebody is giving it like that, it would be a FAKE ARANMULA KANNADI. check out the quality of mirror some times they give you ordinary glass mirror in the artistic frame.

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