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When you buy aranmula kannadi, what all things you will get?

When you order an aranmula kannadi, what all things you will get along with that? many people are asking this, here are the details.

When you order an aranmula kannadi, you will get aranmula kannadi with

  1. Jewel Box – Every aranmula kannadi comes with its own jewel box. A beautiful box which looks like the box when you buy the golden jewelry from shop. So no need to buy another gift box or gift warpping. you can directly give this box as a gift.
  2. A brochure – A small brochure which explains the importance, making methods, maintenance tips of aranmula kannadi. It would help people to read and understand more about aranmula kannadi, especially when you gift to someone who are not much aware about aranmula kannadi
  3. A cleaning cloth – A piece of cotton cloth for cleaning. you can use any soft cotton cloth for cleaning though
  4. Hologram sticker – A hologram sticker on the backside of aranmula kannadi, which shows the authenticity of the product.