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When you buy aranmula kannadi, what all things you will get?

When you order an aranmula kannadi, what all things you will get along with that? many people are asking this, here are the details.

When you order an aranmula kannadi, you will get aranmula kannadi with

  1. Jewel Box – Every aranmula kannadi comes with its own jewel box. A beautiful box which looks like the box when you buy the golden jewelry from shop. So no need to buy another gift box or gift warpping. you can directly give this box as a gift.
  2. A brochure – A small brochure which explains the importance, making methods, maintenance tips of aranmula kannadi. It would help people to read and understand more about aranmula kannadi, especially when you gift to someone who are not much aware about aranmula kannadi
  3. A cleaning cloth – A piece of cotton cloth for cleaning. you can use any soft cotton cloth for cleaning though
  4. Hologram sticker – A hologram sticker on the backside of aranmula kannadi, which shows the authenticity of the product.

Aranmula Kannadi for Wedding

Aranmula Kannadi ( Aranmula Metal Mirror) is an auspicious craft, and it is the symbol of good luck , wealth & prosperity. Thus aranmula kannadi is a very essential item for any auspicious occasion including wedding. Let’s see how the aranmula kannadis can be used in a wedding function.

  1. Aranmula Kannadi in ashtamangalya set – Aranmula kannadi is an essential item in the famous ashtamangalya set.
  2. Aranmula Kannadi for seeing the face of bride – It is believed that looking at aranmula kannadi once the bride is all set after the make up will bring health wealth and abundance of blessings during the wedding ceremnony
  3. Aranmula Kannadi along with the pooja items in the venue of wedding
  4. Aranmula kannadi can be given along with the ‘Saree / Pudava ‘ giving to the bride from groom / grooms family
  5. Aranmula Kannadi can be used to gift to the newly married couple, and it can be presented as a token of blessing and appreciation to your very high valued guests.

In wedding funcitons, the Hand mirror ( valkannadi) models are using. because those models are very traditional and ideal for wedding ceremony.

If you need any help or need to know more about it, feel free to reach us at aranmulamirror[at]

Aranmula Kannadi as a Gift for Corporate Clients, Guests and Deligates

Aranmula Kannadi is a very unique and precious thing. For the same reason many high profile and reputed companies are giving it as a gift to their corporate clients.

Aranmula Kannadi as a corporate gift for clients
Aranmula Kannadi as a corporate gift for clients. Company Logo can be attached in the frame of aranmula kannadi. ( For models visit – )

We have many IT companies and exporting companies as our clientèle, big builders, hospital chains, many govt departments like ministry of foreign affairs, tourism department, high profile event management companies, tour operators etc are using  aranmula kannadi as a gift for their valuable clients & customers.

The main attractions for why aranmula kannadi can be an ideal and most precious and memorable gift to your high value and important clients

aranmula mirror corporate gift

Aranmula kannadi is unique – its custom made and 100% handmade – so every aranmula kannadi is unique and there wont be any copy of that kannadi in this entire world.

Nobody can make or replicate aranmula kannadi in this entire world. its metal mirror secret combination is only known to a single family branch in aranmula village. it is protected with GI patent tags.

Every aranmula kannadi is 100% hand made, made with extra care and custom made thing. – Like custom made luxuries like rolls royce car, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Globetrotter for lifestyle products etc…

See an example for aranmula kannadi as a corporate gift. To attach the company logo – We wont recommend any alteration in the mirror as such – since it may spoil the genuineness of the mirror. instead we suggest the companies can print metallic stickers separately and then stick on the frame of the mirror.

Again, as you know aranmula kannadi is custom made – human effort, skills and care is needed thorough the entire mirror making process. so it is almost impossible to produce bulk quantities in a short notice of time. so we request the corporates/companies to give us order well in advance ( at least one month of time required to produce 100 Nos of Mirror).

For any questions / requirements please mail us – or visit for the models and availability.