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Which is the best gift from kerala?

Many people are asking “Which is the best gift, we can give to someone, that is very special and unique and lasts forever”? flowers, statues..or something else?

Now, we have an answer, Thats the world famous ARANMULA KANNADI. Let’s see why aranmula kannadi or aranmula metal mirror is the best gift to choose?

If you consider any of the other gifts, which can be made by anyone else in this world. means that can be duplicated, and many of the craft items now a days are made by machines, that means the machine made gifts looks alike, so they are not unique.

But ARANMULA KANNADI is very unique since, every aranmula kannadi is made by hand, and no machines are using for its making. The process starts from taking mud from the local paddy fields in aranmula ( The mud from the paddy fields are very special since they are very sticky and by using that only we can make the mold for aranmula kannadi). Every Aranmula kannadi is handmade and thus no two aranmula kannadi’s wont looks alike. every aranmula kannadi’s are custom made and different.

So, you can’t see any two same aranmula kannadi’s in the world. yes they are absolutely UNIQUE…

the next part is – Aranmula kannadi making is not known anyone else, other than a single family in Aranmula. Its making is still a secret which is handed over through that family’s generations. The components of its materails is a guarded secret, So nobody else in this world can make another Aranmula kannadi.

Thus Aranmula Kannadi became the very best and unique gift you can get from kerala, even from India. Aranmula Kanandi is very Special, Unique and royal gift that can be given to your very special people.