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Aranmula kannadi’s Price

Aranmula Kannadi is costly as everybody says.  A typical aranmula kannadi starts from Rs.1500/- and you can get a fairly big one nearly Rs. 7,500/-

Why aranmula kannadi is costly? – Because of its method of making. It uses 100% manual efforts to make the aranmula kannadi from start to finish. No machines are involved in the making of aranmula kannadi. it will take 2-3 days to finish a aranmula kannadi. and while making out of five numbers, almost three mirrors will get damaged. and we can get only two. because its making method is that much difficult and complex.

Aranmula Kannadi Prices

Aranmula kannadi prices – is the one of the questions many people are asking about. Actually the prices of aranmula  kannadi varies from Rs.1,250  to 25,000 or even more.

The price of the aranmula kannadi depends on the size of the metal mirror placed in each model of the aranmula kannadi. the standard rate of the mirror is estimating by a scale of Rs.1000/inch of mirror.

But still, it depends on the model and its special works on the each model, for more information about the prices, please visit the authentic and direct online shop for the arnamula kannadi :

Aranmula Kannadi Price List