Aranmula Valkannadi – Two new models Launched

We are very glad to announce that, we added new two beautiful models of aranmula mirror – Valkannadi’s in to the aranmula kannadi online showroom.

These two new models are the bigger versions of the most popular aranmula valkannadi model AMS1007.  The first one AMS1014 and second one is AMS1015. They are both in oval shaped mirror part with a beautiful and artistic handle. vaalkannadis are the traditional model of aranmula kannadi. These big vaalkannadis are comes with a hook on their backside, so that you can hang them in the wall.

Here is the photos of new vaalkannadi models.

Aranmula VaalKannadi - AMS1014
Aranmula Vaalkannadi - AMS1015

Metal mirror from kerala,INDIA!

Which is the best and ethnic metal mirror available in India? This is a very interesting question. Metal mirrors were used from the ages of great sindhu river valley culture. it was found that they started using the metal mirror form the earlies of 14th century.

The Aranmula Metal mirror is the ancient metal mirror, which was used since the golden ages of 14th century. The history of the aranmula metal mirror contains many myths and stories. One among them is very famous, and popular. The king bought some artisans to build the temple, but they were not able to finish the work on time. The kind sentenced all of them. to please the king the artisans tried many things, and nothing were fruitful. During the previous night of their sentence, the goddess appeared in their dream, and she revealed this unique metal mirror and the construction of this. – the secret metal combination of aranmula metal mirror.

The artisans made such a mirror and presented to the King, and the king became very happy to see this unique art form that nobody was seen so far.

This is the story of the unique metal mirror from India.

Aranmula International airport

It is a dream for everyone in Aranmula village, as well as the entire central travancore.  If things go by as scheduled, the State will have another state-of-the-art international airport in the next five years.

The company promoted by NORKA, a consortium of non-resident Keralites, and Mount Zion Trust has already appointed KITCO as a consultant for developing the private International airport at Aranmula.

The company had acquired about 500 acres of land at Aranmula in Pathanamthitta district for developing the airport.

The proposed aranmula airport is situated very near to Aranmula parthasarthi temple and pampa river, where the traditional aranmula kannadi is being made. arrival of airport will boost the tourism in this place, and hence the traditional arts and crafts forms like Aranmula metal mirror, and vasthuvidya will get promoted in to a more wider aspect.

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