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Aranmula Kannadi: The Unmissable Treasure to Acquire During Onam

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As the cheerful melodies of “Thiruvona Pularithan” fill the air and the mesmerizing fragrance of floral decorations wafts through Kerala homes, it can only mean one thing – the joyous festival of Onam is here! Amidst the vibrant celebrations, sumptuous feasts, and traditional rituals, there is one exquisite gem that truly stands out – the renowned Aranmula Kannadi, a reflection of Kerala’s artistic brilliance and cultural heritage.

A Glimpse into Elegance: Aranmula Kannadi

Hailing from the picturesque village of Aranmula in God’s Own Country, Aranmula Kannadi isn’t just a mirror; it’s a masterpiece crafted with immense skill, precision, and artistry. This unique mirror, often referred to as the “Mirror of Aranmula,” is a true embodiment of Kerala’s age-old tradition of craftsmanship.

The Marvel of Art and Craft: The Making of Aranmula Kannadi

What makes Aranmula Kannadi truly exceptional is the intricate process of its creation. Craftsmen meticulously blend a unique alloy of metals, including copper and tin, to form the mirror’s reflective surface. The mirror is then polished to perfection using traditional techniques, resulting in a distortion-free reflection that has captivated admirers for generations.

Symbolism and Spirituality: Beyond Reflection

Beyond its exquisite craftsmanship, Aranmula Kannadi carries profound symbolism that makes it a treasured possession, especially during the festive season of Onam. Just as it provides a clear and accurate reflection, it encourages us to introspect and recognize our true selves. The mirror’s purity and transparency are emblematic of the virtues of self-reflection, humility, and inner beauty that Onam seeks to celebrate.

An Ideal Onam Gift: The Timeless Elegance of Aranmula Kannadi

As you embark on your quest to find the perfect gift for your loved ones during Onam, look no further than Aranmula Kannadi. Its timeless elegance and cultural significance make it a truly exceptional present that will be cherished for years to come. Whether you’re seeking to surprise your family, friends, or even yourself, Aranmula Kannadi offers a touch of class and tradition that will leave a lasting impression.

Preserving Heritage: The Aranmula Advantage

In a world driven by mass production and modern technology, Aranmula Kannadi remains a testament to the craftsmanship of Kerala’s artisans. By purchasing an Aranmula Kannadi during Onam, you’re not just acquiring a beautiful piece of art; you’re also contributing to the preservation of a traditional craft that has been passed down through generations. Your purchase supports the skilled artisans who pour their heart and soul into creating these mirrors.

Where to Find Aranmula Kannadi: Your Onam Souvenir Awaits

As you immerse yourself in the festive spirit of Onam, make sure to explore the authentic and reputable sources where you can acquire Aranmula Kannadi. These exquisite mirrors are available through authorized sellers who value the artistry, heritage, and cultural significance of this masterpiece. visit our exclusive aranmula kannadi onine store –

Celebrate Onam with Aranmula Kannadi: A Timeless Tradition

This Onam, elevate your celebrations and gift-giving with the elegance and symbolism of Aranmula Kannadi. Whether you choose it as a traditional keepsake, a symbol of inner beauty, or a stunning home decor piece, this mirror is a shining example of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. Let your Onam shine even brighter with the iridescent charm of Aranmula Kannadi, a treasure that reflects not just light, but also the heart and soul of Kerala’s artistic legacy.

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What material used to make aranmula mirrors?

A frequent question used to ask by people is “What is the metal or material used to make aranmula kannadi, and if you can make it with any other material?, Like wood or silver? “

Let’s answer the question one by one. Aranmula kannadi’s frame is made out of pure brass. and the mirror part of the aranmula kannadi is also metal. means a very special secret metal combination which is a closely guarded secret to a group of family members in the aranmula village in kerala. and this secret is also protected with GI patent tag.

Second, can we make aranmula kannadi with any other materials you suggest? answer is NO. if we are making anything like that, it can’t be called or attributed as aranmula kannadi. it would be something else. so we won’t make any changes to the authentic and traditional process of making aranmula kannadi, and we won’t do any other customization which alter the authenticity or tradition at any cost.

We make and sell ONLY traditional, authentic and original aranmula kannadi ( Aranmula metal mirror). Also we encourage people to buy authentic and traditional aranmula kannadis, since it comes with lot of special features and legacy. Lot of efforts and rituals are involved to make each and every aranmula kannadi, and that believed that aranmula kannadi can bring good luck and prosperity to where it keeps.

Aranmula Kannadi as a Gift for Corporate Clients, Guests and Deligates

Aranmula Kannadi is a very unique and precious thing. For the same reason many high profile and reputed companies are giving it as a gift to their corporate clients.

Aranmula Kannadi as a corporate gift for clients
Aranmula Kannadi as a corporate gift for clients. Company Logo can be attached in the frame of aranmula kannadi. ( For models visit – )

We have many IT companies and exporting companies as our clientèle, big builders, hospital chains, many govt departments like ministry of foreign affairs, tourism department, high profile event management companies, tour operators etc are using  aranmula kannadi as a gift for their valuable clients & customers.

The main attractions for why aranmula kannadi can be an ideal and most precious and memorable gift to your high value and important clients

aranmula mirror corporate gift

Aranmula kannadi is unique – its custom made and 100% handmade – so every aranmula kannadi is unique and there wont be any copy of that kannadi in this entire world.

Nobody can make or replicate aranmula kannadi in this entire world. its metal mirror secret combination is only known to a single family branch in aranmula village. it is protected with GI patent tags.

Every aranmula kannadi is 100% hand made, made with extra care and custom made thing. – Like custom made luxuries like rolls royce car, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Globetrotter for lifestyle products etc…

See an example for aranmula kannadi as a corporate gift. To attach the company logo – We wont recommend any alteration in the mirror as such – since it may spoil the genuineness of the mirror. instead we suggest the companies can print metallic stickers separately and then stick on the frame of the mirror.

Again, as you know aranmula kannadi is custom made – human effort, skills and care is needed thorough the entire mirror making process. so it is almost impossible to produce bulk quantities in a short notice of time. so we request the corporates/companies to give us order well in advance ( at least one month of time required to produce 100 Nos of Mirror).

For any questions / requirements please mail us – or visit for the models and availability.



Aranmula Kannadi in Pooja Room

Aranmula Kannadi
Aranmula Kannadi in Pooja rooms will reflect the positive energy and causes good luck, and prosperity in your home

We are getting many mails asking whether it is possible to place aranmula kannadi in pooja room? and if there is any particular measures to be taken – if we put aranmula kannadi in pooja rooms?

Yes, You can place aranmula kannadi in your pooja rooms. it will attract positive energy, good luck and property in to your home. and when you put the mirror in your pooja room, make sure that you are facing the mirror to the East direction.

Back stand aranmula kannadi and fixed stand aranmula kannadi are the ideal models for putting in pooja rooms.



Aaranmula Kannadi (Aranmula Metal Mirror)

Aaranmula Kannadi (Aranmula Metal Mirror)

Aranmula metal mirror manufacturing was started in the early 18th century. It represents a fascinating area of culture and technological curiosity. Mysterious in its creation, unequalled in its beauty, this metal mirror a medieval Dravidian marvel in the annals of metallurgy was in vogue long before the appearance of today’s silicon glass mirror. This is constrained to only one household of master craftsmen in Aranmula. Aranmula Kannadi is a unique art which cannot be found else anywhere in the world. The making of the metal mirror is a long process that needs enough patience. Some undisclosed metals are alloyed with copper and tin to cast the Aranmula Kannadi in typical clay moulds. The polishing can go on for one to two days so as to achieve highly reflective surfaces.

The technique of production of this mirror is a closely guarded secret handed over from generation to generation of craftsmen.


There is a great difference between ordinary mirror and the metallic mirror. In an ordinary mirror, there is a silver nitrate coating which reflects the light and thus presents the image of the object. There is no silver coating on the metallic mirror. When you touch a piece of paper on the surface of an ordinary mirror, there appears a gap between the object and image, where as in the Aranmula metal mirror, there is a point of touching of two images and exists no gap between the images. The making of this mirror needs intuition, expertise, precision, lot of dedication and to be done in a sacred atmosphere. It is believed that if a a person brings this mirror home, Goddess Parvathy blesses him and will be liberated from all evil forces.

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Aranmula Kannadi And Onam

Aranmula Kannadi Online

Another Onam is coming. It is considered as very prosperous to own or gift aranmula kannadi during the Onam time. Onam is the celebration of prosperity, no matter which corner in this globe, every malayali will be celebrating the Onam.

Most of the malayalees will be coming back to their native and visiting their relatives during the onam time. Chingam is the month of celebrations and good luck. because most of the good things will be happening during the month of Chingam. like weddings, House warming etc… So this is the time everybody will be thinking about a very unique and long lasting and a costly gift which needs

to be given to the dear and near ones.

Aranmula Kannadi would be the ideal gift which can given to the near and dear ones during the onam time. because Aranmula kannadi itself is considered as the syumbol of good luck, wealth and prosperity.

Aranmula Kannadi website, is now offering flat 10% Off for every order during the onam season. But make sure that you are placing order well in advance, since there would be a shortage for the mirrors near by the onam time. Artisans would be working day and night to produce the necessary mirrors to meet the orders on time.

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Aranmula Kannadi featured in blog

Among Hindus in Kerala, there is great reverence attributed to Ashta Mangalyam (a platter of eight auspicious objects). This platter is part of the bride’s trousseau in some communities. On the day of Vishu (traditional harvest festival in April), people set eyes on this platter first before beginning a prosperous new agrarian year. While the actual symbolic objects differ by occasion, community and location, a regular on the list is a Vaal Kannadi (hand mirror) which is meant to bestow abundance and wealth on the beholder. And the most sought after mirror is a distortion-free Aranmula one.

The uniqueness of the Aranmula Kannadi (mirror) is that the reflective surface is not mercury-backed glass but metal! When you place a fingertip on a normal mirror, you see a gap between the front edge of the glass and the image on the reflective backing layer. However, in the Aranmula Mirror, this gap does not exist. In that sense, it is a true reflection.

The secret of achieving true reflective quality on metal is known only to a set of families in Aranmula, Kerala and this knowledge was inherited as legacy from their bronze-caster forefathers who moved here in the 18th century from Sankarankoil in present-day Tamizh Nadu.

Legend has it that they were required to create a resplendent crown for the local deity using bell metal. But they failed to create an alloy that would, after polishing, befit the grandeur. A widow from the community dreamt about the exact composition that would make the metal as reflective as a mirror. When it proved true, the community also began to create mirrors. The other story goes that when the bronze casters could not achieve the right alloy ratio, their wives threw in their tin jewellery into the mix out of sheer desperation. This is said to have changed the nature of the existing alloy to an unleaded copper-tin alloy, now used to create the Aranmula Mirror.

Each mirror is painstakingly made by hand and, depending on the size, could take about six months to make. The clay used for casting, the higher concentration of tin in the copper-tin alloy and the duration of heating the alloy are but some aspects in a process where purification of the metal is of great importance to get a good shine. Some secret herbs are rumoured to be added to the alloy. Even polishing the metal is said to be an elaborate process, done for a few hours a day for about 3 days.

A round mirror of 5” diameter set in an ornate brass frame costs about Rs. 8000. A major component of the cost is the labour. But the other factor is the considerable wastage in the manufacturing process as the metal plates are almost glass-like in their fragility. Traditionally, the demand for the product grew when it was included in the Ashta Mangalyam. However, owing to the price, it is now considered a precious and unique artefact.

Aranmula Mirros have now been granted GI (Geographical Indication) status and they are currently manufactured by the Parthsaradhy Handicraft Centre in Aranmula. While they have an online store (, you could simply walk into one of the Kairali Emporia (outlets of the Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd ) and see a sample there before placing your order.
(An edited version appeared in Culturama’s February 2011 Issue)

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