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Aranmula Kannadi for Vishu. When and how to order?

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As we know Aranmula Kannadi is an essential part of preparing vishukkani. so many people wanted to buy aranmula kannadi during vishu season. there are lot of questions about when and how to order aranmula kannadi for vishu. here are some pointers.

Choose your Aranmula Kannadi model, In advance

First of all, decide which model of aranmula kannadi you want to buy. as you know valkannadi, backstand kannadi , fixed stand kannadi, wall hanging kannadi etc are there. Though valkannadis are the traditional models, but any model of aranmula kannadi is suitable for vishukani, and even after that you can use keep it in your living room / pooja room/ wall decor / show piece etc.

once you decide the model, please inform us, or check it in our online store about availability. once it is available we can dispatch immediate, or we can make it for you ( we need sufficient time depends on the model of the mirror )

Dont wait for last minute. order in advance

Many of us having a habit of doing things during the last minute. please avoid that for ordering aranmula kannadi. there are obvious reasons for that. because aranmula kannadi is not massively produced. the numbers are limited. so grab your kannadi in advance to avoid the stock out.

One more reason is the shipping time. we can’t completely trust the courier companies if you order just 2 days before the vishu. even if the fastest and reliable shipping company can cause some delay ( may not be their fault). thus it will delay your order.

If you are an international customer, please remember, even the fastest shipping companies like DHL/FedEx / UPS will take 7-12 days to deliver your order (in USA / CANADA / UK /FRANCE / AUSTRALIA etc – and the days may be depends on where you live). so please consider this shipping time while you order your aranmula kannadi.

Express shipping Options :- Within india, there are some options like express shipping by DTDC courier ( if it is within kerala / neighbouring states like Karanataka, Tamilnadu, metros where direct flights from KOCHI , they deliver next day – still depends on your pincode and service availability area. but the shipping cost would be very high. that the customer have to pay). please consider it as a last resort, and the delivery assurance is always with the courier company, and you have to agree with their terms.

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